The Manager

The manager at Amberley Lodge is Debbie Cowdery. Debbie joined Amberley Lodge in April 2018 after working for the NHS in Dementia Services, however Debbie has worked with Amberley Lodge and their sister home for the past 5 years in her NHS capacity and has helped mould the new way of working with increased activities which are meaningful to our residents and working with the care staff in becoming more person centred and seeing the resident as a person with a wealth of experience and not a diagnosis.

Debbie is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and has worked within dementia services for over 25 years. Her last position was with the NHS,  Dementia Care Home in Reach Team as a Specialist Dementia in Reach Nurse , which involved educating staff within care and nursing homes about dementia and working with staff to promote person centred care  and the importance of good communication.  Another aspect of her role was to make recommendations to create a dementia friendly environment. She also has a good understanding of the needs of residents with complex issues relating to their dementia.

Debbie has completed a University of Bradford Dementia Care Mapping Course which is a tool to assess resident with dementia through observations. She has a BSc (Honos) in Community Mental Health Nursing and a Diploma in Professional Nursing Studies.

Debbie’s aim in taking up this position of manager is to enhance the quality of life for our residents with dementia by providing a home from home experience and to encourage our resident’s families to be part of our home environment and to work with us in caring for their loved ones.